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Our ambition is to bring real value to our clients and relations. Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing. Our aim is to keep you informed of the latest news and developments in the field of audit and assurance, advisory and tax. Therefore we have launched PwC Dutch Caribbean News. The updates are prepared by PwC advisors and focus on the Dutch Caribbean market, but also include relevant international news.

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Latest news articles
Amendment to the Health Levy and the Health Insurance rates

Parliament of Aruba is expected to pass an amendment to increase the so-called Health levy (in Dutch abbreviated BAZV) rate from 1% to 2% and to decrease the general health insurance (in Dutch AZV) rate from 2.6% to 1.6%. The purpose is to shift the funding from direct taxation on employee's income to indirect taxation through the BAZV.

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Payment on return system to be introduced in Aruba

Recently the Government of Aruba announced its plan to reform the tax laws in Aruba. One of the important changes is the introduction of a 'Payment on Return' system for the corporate income tax. In Dutch this is referred to as the so-called 'VAS' ('Voldoening op Aangifte Systeem'). The Government is planning to introduce the VAS system for the financial-/tax year 2014. If the VAS system is introduced in 2015, it is necessary that you prepare on time and make sure that your administration is up to date.

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Appreciation exemption in the Real Estate Tax

The real estate tax or property tax offers an exemption for up to ten years for an increase in value of your property that is the result of construction, e.g. when a new building has been built or an existing building has been remodeled or improved or an extension has been added. However, to be allowed to apply this exemption, you need to report the construction timely to the tax inspector.

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New exchange rate margin levy of the Central Bank of Aruba

The introduction of the exchange rate margin levy of the Central Bank of Aruba (CBA) is directly related to the execution of the tasks of the CBA in connection with the promotion of the monetary stability and functioning as the central foreign currency exchange bank of Aruba. The levy will be charged to the net income earned by the local commercial banks of Aruba as a result of foreign currency exchange transactions.

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Fiscal law book for 2015 is now available

As of 1 January 2015, many important changes have been introduced in the tax legislation of Curaçao and St. Maarten, the BES islands and Aruba. The Fiscal Law Book 2015 contains the most important and up-to-date tax laws and is essential for entrepreneurs, professionals and students dealing with tax affairs in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. The publication is written in Dutch and is available in a pocket edition and digital version.

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